Provides exclusive space, including meeting space suitable for small-scale gatherings, tea parties…etc.; free coffee and stationery are provided for convenient usage in the free and comfortable environment; inquiries are welcome.

  • Capacity: About 25 people

Space Photos

Usage Charge Description

Number of PeopleFee
1~3 peopleNT$400/person
4~7 peopleNT$300/person
More than 8 peopleNT$200/person
  • The period for usage is calculated with 3 hours as one unit; please call in advance for reservations.
  • Free coffee and water are provided in the lobby.
  • If special lighting or telecommunications are to be installed, an application should be made in advance to collaborate with the hotel’s engineering division; the fee will be charged separately.
  • The hotel reserves the right to modify the rental rates for the aforementioned venues; you are welcome to call and make inquiries in order for us to provide comprehensive service quality to you.
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