How blessed would it be to stay in a place filled with applause?

This was our idea from the very beginning. PAPO’A (meaning applause in Taiwanese) is a venue hoping to create and keep the applause. This idea finally had the chance to be implemented in the summer of 2016. Before this, we have thought over the true meaning and value of “accommodation” countless times. We believe that accommodation should not be merely be a place to settle for the body and mind, but should further be a journey to explore life, including local cultural history and folk sentiment, as well as a type of gesture for the host being thoughtful towards the travelers. These notions may be implicitly yet exquisitely satisfied through the senses.

We applied architectural concrete as the main building expression for the exterior of PAPO’A, and further adopted industrial style interior decorations. This is because in our memory, Kaohsiung itself is a city with an industrial impression, and such presentation perfectly conveys that the genes and characteristics of PAPO’A originated in Kaohsiung.

The lobby uses black bricks from San-He Tile Kiln – the traditional tile kiln founded in Southern Taiwan during 1913 as the constructional material. The biggest advantage of black brick that has been carbonized after kilning is that it not merely absorbs odors, but may further give off negative ions that are beneficial to the human body. Meanwhile, its primitive touch and warm colors may further create a comfortable atmosphere for travelers, as well as concretely yet subtly demonstrates the valuable traditional craftsmanship and architectural aesthetics of Taiwan in modern times.

We anticipate exerting the influential power for cross-industry thinking in order to introduce different ideas to the hotel industry, to enhance local and international competitiveness, as well as hoping to convey the magnificent hospitality of the south to more travelers. In the meantime, we also desire to continue building a cozy venue that will earn applause from the travelers and the local citizens in the future while keeping our original intention in mind

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